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A new class of clean skin care that harnesses the untapped power of indigenous Irish botanicals and cutting-edge, green technology.

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Meet Tracey, the Creator of Bia

Meet Tracey, the Creator of Bia

Motivated by a case of plant-induced contact dermatitis, herbal scientist
Tracey Ryan decided to investigate the impact herbal preparations have on the skin's hydration levels. She eventually developed a unique blend of herbal infusions known as BIAComplex. Underpinning the entire Bia Collection, BIAComplex leverages the hydrating properties of individual botanicals while delivering soothing, anti-inflammatory, and tissue-regeneration benefits.

Ireland's Herbal Treasures

Ireland's Herbal Treasures

The Bia collection was created after years of research with a team of experts versed in herbal science, cosmetic chemistry, dermatology, horticulture, and biotechnology. Our learnings revealed the remarkably robust and skin-enhancing properties derived from native Irish plants, including marigolds, evergreen herbs, and wildflowers. We've worked with the individuals who understand these unique plants the most—local organic growers and manufacturing facilities—to create a line that offers superior hydration, moisture retention, and rejuvenating skincare benefits.

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Made from a blend of macerated oil infusions, our patent-pending BIAComplex uses complimentary plant extracts to support skin health and hydration.

Calendula officinalis (Calendula): Improves skin distensibility, firmness, and viscoelasticity while increasing blood flow and encouraging tissue regeneration.
Helichrysum italicum (Immortelle): Traps and maintains moisture with a protective film and emollient properties.
Symphytum officinale (Comfrey): Contains keratolytic properties that encourage the drier outer layers of the epidermis to shed.
Viola tricolor (Heartsease): Boosts the skin’s capacity to retain water by improving osmotic function using polysaccharides.
Malva sylvestris (Mallow): Contains powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and mucilage content that soothes inflamed skin.

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Potent Irish Botanicals

Mild temperatures and heavy rainfall make Ireland home to a rich and abundant range of indigenous herbs. The region's natural environment coupled with a small population and low level of pollution gives way to a lush greenness that spans mountains, woods, and bogs. With the highest proportion of natural vegetation of any European country, it's not surprising that Ireland has sustained a long history of herbal medicine. BIA pays tribute to this ancient herbal knowledge by partnering with local growers and infusing native plant species into our formulas.

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Created by a Cork-based herbal scientist, the Bia collection blends ancient Irish herbal knowledge with modern science. Every formula is powered with active compounds extracted from native Irish plants, in partnership with local organic producers, and developed with high-tech manufacturing practices. Bia is a collaboration among researchers, foragers, scientists and expert formulators working toward a common mission: To deliver the purest and most effective ingredients available.

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