Discovered in Nature.
Perfected by Science.

Codex Beauty is a collective of global skin care brands built on science, natural ingredients, plant-based preservatives, pharmaceutical-grade processes, safety and efficacy trials, sustainability, and consumer transparency—in lieu of celebrities, influencers, or market trends. Our offering is entirely organic, free of harmful chemical compounds, and rigorously tested according to biotechnology practices. We believe constant innovation, refinement, and improvement are essential to transformative results. To that end, Codex Beauty is always in search of new skin care discoveries and technical breakthroughs.

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Ie Ireland


Bia skin care harnesses the power of bio-actives extracted from native Irish plants long valued for their soothing and hydrating properties. As with every Codex Beauty line, Bia is exceptionally pure and made with technically edible ingredients. The collection takes innovative strides with a blend of ancient Irish herbal knowledge and scientific analysis, partnerships with local organic producers, and a high-tech, indigenous manufacturing facility. Experts in research, production, growing, foraging, and formulating have collaborated in selecting the purest and most effective ingredients available.

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Codex Beauty Code

Customer Safety Icon
Customer Safety
We are determined to establish and assure that our cosmetic products are designed to be extremely safe for use by taking specific measures to minimize any potential undesirable effects, adverse events, contamination and product quality defects.
Ingredient Purity Icon
Ingredient Purity
By managing all steps of the supply chain, we can ensure that all products are as pure as claimed - free from potentially harmful and toxic chemicals and preservatives - resulting in products attentively designed to be suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.
Product Efficacy Icon
Product Efficacy
Through extensive testing, we ensure that our products are effective and fulfill the customer's needs with all claims adequately substantiated.
Quality Manufacturing and Control Icon
Quality Manufacturing and Control
We assure by quality audits that all products are manufactured according to good manufacturing practices and quality controlled to a pharmaceutical level.
Strictest Standards Icon
Strictest Standards
We follow the strictest standards set out in the cosmetic industry to assure product quality, safety and efficacy by adhering to international standards and regulations (e.g. EU Cosmetic Regulation, ISO standards relating to cosmetics, regulations and guidance issued by the FDA, Canada and Asia).
Control of Raw Materials Icon
Control of Raw Materials
Each raw material is selected and verified to meet defined standards to be in line with product requirements and claims. Every raw material supplier, manufacturer and packaging material is carefully selected, tested and qualified to meet Codex Beauty's high standard of quality. This is accomplished by a thorough review of documentation and verification, including on-site audits.
Transparency Icon
We are dedicated to providing full customer transparency for our products by issuing our standards and requirements for all products and claims on our website, applicable through the complete supply chain.
Innovation Icon
We are constantly seeking new ingredients, formulations, packaging and analytical technologies to provide products with higher purity, efficacy and a lower cost to our customers.
Sustainability and Eco Friendly Icon
Sustainability and Eco Friendly
We embrace our responsibility for environmental stewardship, and are committed to integrating environmental practices and sustainability principles into our core business strategy. From wild harvesting of organic raw materials to green polyethylene packaging material, our goal is to have a zero carbon footprint, zero contribution of plastic into the ocean, and support the preservation of the arctic wilderness.
Regulatory Compliance Icon
Regulatory Compliance
We are dedicated to following and complying with regulations set out in the cosmetic industry and are constantly following regulatory Authorities, academic societies, and other verification/certification bodies in real time in order to be on top of any developments, safety concerns, or trends.