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Our plant-based soap bars are cold processed and carefully formulated with excess glycerin to cleanse skin without stripping moisture.  Our aromatherapeutic salt soaks are formulated to bathe skin in complex minerals and rich emollient oils.  Both soaps and soaks are MyMicrobiome certified and support skin flora for a healthy skin barrier.


Soap is often overlooked when it comes to skincare, and what you wash your body with is as important as what you put on your face. As our largest organ, skin’s primary job is to serve as a physical barrier to the outside. For skin to properly protect, it needs to be adequately hydrated and cannot be regularly stripped, especially during washing.

Our bar soaps are clinically proven to be moisturizing and are the first microbiome certified soaps in the world. They were designed to be refreshing and cleansing, using only natural ingredients. We have four unique designs for different skin needs. Shop our collection of natural microbiome skincare.

What makes our soap different?

These microbiome-friendly cleansers are carefully crafted with specific plant oils and butters that yield multiple benefits. This process ensures that our soaps perform to the highest standard on many different levels: how it lathers, moisturizes the skin, and smells -- because we believe that soap is about more than just cleansing and can bring us joy and peace.

The ingredients we use are extracted from wild harvested biomass or made using biotech processes, and are all backed by clinically proven efficacy data.

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