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Illustration of  an Elderflower plant

Ingredient of the Month: Elderflower

In this regular series, Tracey Ryan, the master formulator behind Bia, enlightens us with her expert knowle...
A landscape of the Irish coast looking out to sea

How Wild Harvesting Benefits Your Skin

Foraging for ingredients in the wild yields more potent plants, which leads to more luminous and glowing sk...
Codex Beauty Labs model getting a facial massage to help relax and improve their skin

A Japanese Facialist’s Skincare Secrets

Nachi Kanemaru Glick, Codex Beauty’s new facialist ambassador, reveals her radiance-boosting tricks.
Products to heal post-summer dry, dull skin

A Facialist’s Secrets to Heal Post-Summer Dry, Dull Skin

Superstar facialist—and Codex Beauty ambassador—Nachi Kanemaru Glick reveals her technique to revive dry, d...
Illustration of Comfrey

Ingredient of the Month: Comfrey

In this regular series, Tracey Ryan, the master formulator behind Bia, enlightens us with her expert knowle...
Codex Beauty Labs Bio scientist putting a plant in a flask.

Why Science is Important in Beauty

Here’s how our approach is different—and what it means to your skin. To create truly innovative and high pe...

Coconut split in half on a white background

Biotech Skin Care: Preserving Products with Probiotics

Get a closer look inside Codex’s patented biotech skin care and probiotic-based preservative system, with o...

Codex Beauty Labs Bio Scientist putting chemicals in a flask.

We Know our Products Work—Here’s Why

The beauty industry should be more regulated. But until that happens, certifications—those seals, marks and...

Illustration of Heartsease

Ingredient of the Month: Heartsease

In this regular series, Tracey Ryan, the master formulator behind Bia, enlightens us with her expert knowle...

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